Best Detergent for Top Loading Washing Machine

Detergents, be it liquid or powder are essential to wash clothes effectively and efficiently. But sometimes there are some really tough stains that don’t go even after multiple washes. So, what to do in such a situation? Which is the best detergent for top loading washing machines that removes all kinds of stains effectively? Well, stains on clothes can be caused due to any reason like food, drinks, slipping in the mud, etc.

When we say the best detergent, we mean that we must choose a detergent that is safe for the clothes, the washing machine, and our hands as well. Alkaline detergents make our clothes dull and weak. The fabric tends to lose its shine and as a result, the clothes damage easily. To get rid of such situations, it is best to select a detergent powder that is chlorine and phosphate-free. Further, it is essential to use a fabric conditioner and a brightener to keep the color of the clothes intact.  Detergents and fabric conditioners are necessary to keep the clothes bright and the same as new.

Now without digressing, let us look at the various tough stains and ways in which we can use a detergent to get rid of them.

Removing Tough Stains by using Detergent

Removing stubborn stains is a tedious task. But with a good detergent, the stains can be easily released. Let us have a look at the toughest stains and the ways to remove them.

  1. Mud Stains

It can happen that you might slip in a puddle of mud and get all your clothes dirty. Kids too, love playing in the mud. They love splashing mud, thereby getting some tough stains on the clothes. So, it is actually very easy to remove these kinds of mud stains. Your white clothes can get rid of them easily. The first thing you need to do is let the stain dry. Then brush off the dry mud and rinse it in cold water. If the stain is still intact, then you can use a liquid detergent and put it on the stain, and leave it for 5-10 minutes. After that, wash the cloth under water. This will definitely wipe out the stain completely. Simple, isn’t it?

  1. Cream Stain

Imagine you are eating your favorite dish and the curry/ cream drops on your clothes. It is irritating but we have to remove such a stain. Cream stains are tough to remove once they get dried. The cream is made of milk and milk contains proteins and fat that can penetrate deep into the fabric layers and leave a mark. This mark isn’t easy to get rid of. So, to remove a cream stain, you first need to wash the cloth under cold water to loosen the stain a bit. Then blot it with a clean cloth. If the stain marks are still there, then soak the fabric in water mixed with detergent. Let the cloth lather and leave it in the solution for some time. Afterward, wash the cloth under water. The stain will come off easily.

  1. Fruit Stain

Fruits too can stain the clothes. They are perfect for our health but not for clothes. Juicy fruits such as mangoes, strawberries, oranges, etc., can leave a long-lasting mark on your clothes if they are not washed quickly. Thus, to remove the fruit stains, we first need to brush the garment so that excess juice comes off. After rinsing the stain with cold water, we need to rub a little detergent on it. Rub it and let it stay for two minutes. Wash the garment in the machine afterward along with other clothes.

  1. Cuff and Collar Stain

The toughest part to clean is the cuff and collar. Once they are stained, the task of removing them becomes more difficult. Collars become prone to sweating, thereby leaving stubborn marks. Cuffs become stained because of rubbing over various surfaces. Cuffs and collars require scrubbing. Being the most common yet toughest stain, the cuffs and collars need to be pre-treated. Pre-treat the clothes with a stain remover and then wash the garment in the machine. Pretreating will help in releasing the stains faster and easier. Thus, to remove tough marks from clothes, pretreating is necessary before washing.

  1. Ink Stain

So, the most stubborn stain that we often find on garments is the ink stain. Writing with ink pens and drawing with sketch pens often lead to ink stains on clothes. Although, some ink stains are tough to remove because they set in the fabric and refuse to come off. The first thing to do is to pre-treat the stain. Use an alcohol-based cleanser or a stain remover to help in loosening the stains. Wash the garment in warm water as this will remove the stains effectively without leaving a mark.

So, these are some of the stains for which the best detergent for top loading washing machines can be used. Best detergent doesn’t mean an expensive one. Best detergent means a mild cleanser that cleans your clothes without making them dull. Top-loading machines are the commonly used machines that wash clothes with ease. You just need to decide the type of detergent you require to get rid of these stains. Go for chlorine-free and phosphate-free cleansers. Choose such cleansers and use them on these stains and tell us about your experience.


  1. Can normal detergent be used in the top-loading washing machine?

No, it is not advised to use normal detergent in the top-loading machine. High-efficiency detergents are specifically designed for top load machines. Therefore, only they must be used.

  1. Which is the best washing powder for a top-load machine?

Well, there are different kinds of laundry detergent for different types of machines. You must select the detergent that is apt for top-load machines. Also, make sure that you are selecting a mild cleanser that is harsh on stains and soft on clothes. Look for alkaline-free detergent to wash clothes without ruining their color and brightness.

  1. Are laundry pods better than laundry detergents?

No, pods are not better than detergents. Detergents work on tough stains and help in removing them. Pods or laundry tablets just make the work easier. They don’t completely help in getting rid of stains. Thus, detergents, be it powder or liquid, must be used for effective washing of clothes.


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