Custom sofa are all about bringing your creativity to life, whether it is the color or the build of the sofa you get a free hand to choose and do as you wish within your budget. When you decide to customize a sofa, it is better to know the size of the furniture you are going to have made. The size of the sofa varies based on its design of it. A standard three-seater would be around 6 to 8 feet, or you can have it made around 8 to 8 feet.

These are the sizes that you can get for the sofa, but would it fit in your room? We do not know that yet. You need to find the right measurements of the room to decide on the size of the sofa which will fit in snugly and will not make the room look filled to the brim and overwhelming.

In this article, I will let you know some of the points which you should consider before getting a custom sofa.

When designing your sofa or planning to do so it is given that you should measure your room. Know that after placing a sofa there should be space around it to move with ease. The minimum space to have around the sofa is between 2 to 3 feet. This much space will be enough for you to walk on even if the sofas have been seated with guests.

That is when you would only have a sofa but if you plan to have accessories included then you need to cut down the extra space. When placing or using a coffee table keep the space from 1 to 2 feet so the cutlery can be reached easily and if you plan to have ottomans or couches then the space should be reduced even more because more space would cause discomfort.

Now b careful when selecting the accessories. It is better to maintain the balance of the size. If the sofa that you are getting customized is going to be about 8 feet long or so it is better to select ottomans and tables smaller in size, by small I mean considerably small because keeping all the big things in a room would not look nice. Whereas a room with a balance between sizes would look classic.

If choosing a sofa for the busy rooms or the man cave for relaxation and gaming a sectional might be the right choice. Sectionals come in sizes around 9 to 14 feet. If your room is small then one side would cover up to 8 feet and the next 8 feet would be on the next wall.

Remember that sectionals take up a lot of space and it might become difficult to move around them. Sectionals come in different shapes and sizes so there is a choice for you to decide which type of cushions you would be getting to aid your process. It is better to have side tables with built-in drawers and extensions for storage and reach.


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