Easy Ways To Protect Your Plants From Pests

Encountering bugs outside is one thing, but seeing them crawl on your home floor can be highly unpleasant. Nobody likes these pesky invaders, but if you have plants in your home or a garden, then you may expect these around. The good news is that you can prevent them from using the proper techniques and tools. 

It is recommended to consult with a San Antonio pest control service first to make sure there is no infestation. However, if you want to get rid of these pests, there are a few tips you can follow. 

Tips to protect your plants from pests 

  • Sticky traps. 

Sticky traps are an affordable and easy way of trapping bugs whenever they hover around your beautiful plants. Spiders most commonly use this method to capture their prey. Such traps are easily found in San Antonio and can be hung near your house plants. If you are worried about flying insects, you may give these a try. 

  • Isolate the plant. 

If bugs have already made their way to one of your plants, make sure you isolate them from the others as soon as possible. This won’t prevent it, but at least you will get time to plan your next attack and avoid spreading the bugs to other plants. Also, monitor the surrounding plants for indoor bugs from time to time. 

  • Wash the leaves of plants with water. 

Perhaps the simplest way to get bugs off your houseplants is by spraying the leaves with water. Just fill a spray bottle with water and simply spray water over the leaves where you find these bugs. The pests will wash off the leaves and the stems and won’t even get hurt or die. If you get stubborn pests, you may use a toothbrush or toothpicks to brush them off the plant. 

  • Physical barrier. 

While preparing a physical barrier does not actually do anything to prevent the bugs, you will at least get some extra time to think of a way. Moving the plant to a different corner of the house or placing it at a higher level so ants cannot reach them easily can help. You can make use of plant stands that look pretty, along with creating a barrier. 

  • Clean surrounding area. 

Some bugs are clever. They may leave the plant but will hide until they find a chance to get into the plant again. Therefore, after you have done the cleaning, make sure you clean the surrounding area as well. It is recommended to sterilize the area with rubbing alcohol. 

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