Hotel Curtains- The beauty you can offer

Hotel curtains add more beauty to guest rooms, corridors, and stairs. They also act as a character to windows for guest room walls decoration as a theming element. Most hotels choose their curtains to provide external light as per the need of guests as well as to give good privacy; that’s why hotel curtains require not only thick fabric but also attractive embroidery.

Major exporters can provide the best quality curtains at the lowest price as they also produce raw materials for the such fabric, giving them the extra advantage of fulfilling the diverse demands of their customers worldwide.

1.     Venetian Blinds/ Curtains:

The most effective type of curtains is Venetian Blinds and Vertical Louver Blinds. Vertical Louver Blinds work on the principle of Venetian Blinds with only one difference the slats of Vertical Louver Blinds curtains are less opaque and slightly wider. These curtains are applied on floor-to-ceiling windows.

2.     Fold Back Curtains:

In the less expensive hotel curtains, the most demanding are fold-back curtains. It is a set of 2 double-sided curtains that require double rods for hanging across the entire width of the guest room window.

3.     Stair Window Curtains

Hotels also decorate stair windows to make their pathways attractive. Stair window curtains normally use durable fabric that can be laundered easily without losing quality.

4.     Cloth/ Fabric Curtains:

People nowadays also like to use various styles of hotel curtains or even curtain fabric to decorate their home windows. As a result, now more designs are being introduced to fit standard-size windows.

Since hotel curtains are heavier than traditional curtains, they also need special curtain tracks to hang them properly and reliably. There are different types of fabric curtains. Here we have mentioned two of them.

5.     Cotton Curtains:

Cotton Curtains are flexible and control the room’s privacy and temperature. Cotton window treatments are soft, yet they can soak up the noise from the area. In many hotels, blackout curtains block the light and noise completely. The fabric is usually wool in blackout curtains. However, light and noise can also be filtered with depths of the fold.

Cotton fabric window treatments are available in different colors and patterns and can vibe with the theme of the hotel room. Hotel management often changes them according to the season and occasion to give an ideal atmosphere to their guests.

6.     Roll-up Window Treatments:

The Roll-up curtains are among the top choices if you are looking for a fusion of modern and classy window treatments. The curtains are made in the design of shades, with durable fabric contrasting the room interiors.

The treatments can be rolled in different positions, and every time they will offer a beautiful look to the room.


Hotel curtains are available in different types and materials, and once chosen wisely; they can give the customers the best experience of stay in their lives.

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