How Are Pitch Fibre Drains Repaired?

The usage of fibre drains first started in the 1950s and the 1970s, and they were considered a much cheaper option. Fibre drains are cellulose and wood, involving coal tar made under force. A fibre drain is also lighter than any conventional method, which uses clay and other materials. However, fibre drains are more prone to being damaged under pressure because of being lightweight. Therefore, keeping these drains in shape involves using varying methods such as CCTV survey inspection, which will help know the issue behind the collapsed drains.

What Makes A Pitch Fibre Drains System Different?

Fibre drains are made up of cellulose mixed with coal tar, and then the pipe is filled with the chemical bitumen. Then the pipes are hardened by mixing fibres of asbestos that makes the pipe more efficient and strong. Fibre drains are cheaper than the rest of pipes available in the market. Pitch pipes have a shelf life of 40 years, and if taken care of correctly, their life span can also be increased by a little. The deterioration process is generally slow, which takes place because of the varying temperatures and harsh chemicals. Later, to unblock drains Bracknell, different methods are used to clean and make them functional again.

Fibre Drains Cleaning Procedure.

As fibre drains are not that strong, it is more prone to being affected by strain and tension. With the help of high-pressure water cleaning, the high pressure of water can cause the inner lining of the pipe to be broken down. It tends to affect the layers to get damaged, the form of the tube gets affected. To help the lines, the inner layers of the pipe can be fixed with the help of polyester to cover up any holes and cracks in the pipe. One such method is patch lining, which involves covering holes using a flaw. However, the primary method involves conducting a CCTV drain survey that will help determine the issue with tubes.

How To Repair The Fibre Drains

The investigation of the state of the drains is the first and foremost step that the engineer should take to know the issue behind the blocked drains. To unblock drains Bracknell, one can use methods like patch lining or jet cleaning.

If the issue is internal blistering without the shape being affected, the tube lining can be done using the lining method. If the form and state of the pipe have been affected, the appropriate way is to either change the line or renew it with the pipe bursting method. Every repairing process has its pro and cons, and the operator then will do a full CCTV inspection survey to know which way will be best for the drains.

Enhancing the condition of pipes is more budget-friendly and less invasive than reassembling the sewers completely. It is also a more environment-friendly option than rebuilding the line completely. However, it depends on the pipes’ condition and which method will work the best for the tube.


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