How do you extend the life of your garage door with proper maintenance?

The mechanical components of a garage door go through a lot of friction and movement each time the door opens and closes. That friction will increase wear and tear on rollers, hinges, pulleys, and torsion springs without proper lubrication. At least once or twice a year, you’ll want to lubricate all the moving parts of your garage door system. Use a garage door lubricant specifically designed for this purpose – don’t use things like WD-40, as they do more harm than good over time. Lubricate the roller tracks with a small amount of lubricant, wipe down the hinges and pulleys, and lubricate the torsion springs. When lubricating, wipe off any excess to prevent dripping and staining.

Test safety features

All modern garage door openers come equipped with safety sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms that prevent the door from closing on objects, pets, or people who may be in the door’s path. Testing these safety features periodically is essential to ensure they’re working correctly. Typically, two sensors are installed a few inches off the ground on either side of the door opening running a broom handle or similar object through the sensors’ path while closing the door. If functioning correctly, the door should immediately reverse course.  If the door does not reverse, the sensors may need to be cleaned, realigned, or replaced. Refer to your owner’s manual for how to perform this task properly.

Examine torsion springs

The torsion springs connected to the header above your ashburngaragedoorsrepair provide the counterbalance force to make the door easy to open and close. But these springs are under immense pressure; over time, they wear out and potentially break. Look for any gaps between the coils of the torsion spring. These gaps are regular initially but will grow more prominent as the springs lose tension. Daylight streaming visibly through the springs is a sign that they’re stretched to the max and due for replacement by a professional garage door repair service. Torsion springs are best left to the pros.

Replace rollers

The rollers attached to each side of the door allow the door to glide up and down the vertical tracks each time you operate it. Like any rolling component, these rollers are prone to wear down over time. At some point, usually between 5-7 years, if you properly lubricate the rollers, they may need to be replaced. Common signs of worn rollers include:

  1. Cracking or chipping of the roller surface
  2. Rollers that are misshapen or no longer turning smoothly
  3. Rollers with excessive side-to-side play and wobbling in the tracks

Garage door rollers are inexpensive and relatively easy to replace for someone comfortable with basic DIY projects. Replacing them will restore that smooth, quiet operation and extend the overall life of your door system.


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