How to Safely Install Split Air Conditioning

One should recognize the area for the setup of the exterior as well as the interior device. The area chosen is:

  • It needs to be conveniently friendly from the window, porch, or surface-area system for cleaning and servicing when needed. Ensure that there is no straight sunlight falling on the outdoor unit as it will influence the performance of the condenser. If inevitable, better have a sunshade on top of it.
  • Make sure that the installation specialist maintains the suggested void between the wall surface as well as the exterior system for the condenser fan electric motor to create ample air movement over the condenser.
  • There are two pipes of cooling agent connected to the outdoor unit, one bringing the air to be cooled down as well as another taking away the amazing air to the indoor device. You must have observed black foam type insulation called Rubatex, and usually, the installation professional does not guarantee the insulation from the pipe as well as always leave some portion open. One must view and guarantee correct insulation or else it will impact condensation as well as water-dropping during solution and loss of effectiveness.
  • The condensate from the interior device shall be gathered in the drainpipe pad as well as relocations without obstruction or else it will cause water leakage and damage to the wall needing substantial fixings.
  • The mounting of the interior device will be on the wall to ensure that the air movement is not guided towards the main door of the space but away or sideways or else the leakage of cool air from the area will increase. 

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Final checking as well as measurements

Inspect the following after the installation is completed:

  • Input voltage
  • The Current is taken by the machine when the compressor is running and when the compressor is not running. The current taken when the compressor is running is discussed on the nameplate of the unit as well as will not be essential and be within plus/minus 5%.
  • The temperature level at the suction side as well as the temperature level on the outflow side.

Maintaining a record of these dimensions aid in reviewing after the next service. Actually, whenever you observe the power usage in a month is more than the equivalent month, there is every opportunity that there is a need for Air Conditioning repair as well as a document of these parameters will assist.


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