Key Insights for Purchasing a Home in Livingston, NJ

Key Insights for Purchasing a Home
For most people, buying a house is one of the most crucial financial and lifestyle decisions they will make in their lifetime. However, if your house purchase is not handled correctly, the dream of owning home can quickly turn into a nightmare. With so much on the line, it is essential to deal with skilled and trusted professionals such as realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders, and legal counsel who are familiar with local laws and regulations to help you navigate the process. This guide seeks to offer an overview of the typical steps of a typical real estate transaction. Read on to learn more.  

Obtain Pre-Approval

Obtaining pre-approval is the inaugural step of the homebuying process that can help you determine your buying power. Set yourself up for a seamless homebuying process by obtaining pre-approval. In the hot Livingston real estate market, sellers prefer pre-approved buyers as it offers more reassurance that they can close the deal if their offer is accepted. However, remember that most mortgage pre-approvals take 60-90 days, based on the lender. So, stick to the timeline when purchasing.

Select a Community

Selecting several communities in Livingston is a nice way to narrow down your search. Pick the neighborhoods you prefer and why. Whether it is the commute, school ratings, crime rate, atmosphere, and more, having pre-set criteria is important in saving time. If you have a family, you want to find a welcoming community that will have plenty of fun things to do in Livingston with your kids. However, if you are a young professional, you might want a more convenient commute time or vibrant community.

Create a List

Create a list of your must-haves and wants. The must-haves include the non-negotiables, such as the number of bedrooms or washrooms you require. Alternatively, the “Wants” list includes features that are nice to have but are not necessarily deal breakers.  For instance, you might desire a fenced backyard, but you can readily install one if you fail to find a home that does not currently have it. Having this list can help you save time during your search, and it could also open your eyes to new houses you might not have considered before.

Know Your Timeline

The real estate market is on a relatively set schedule as most homes are listed in the warmer months, which means fewer alternatives during the winter months. Before you even begin searching, you should know your timeline. You will save much time if you ensure you are prepared to buy. Consider factors such as cost. For example, can you afford to relocate and hire various personnel during the process? If you must sell a house before you buy another one, consider the timing for market reasons, the cost of getting the house ready for listing, and the emotional toll.

Research and Employ the Right Agent

A good realtor like Livingston real estate agent Fern Felsenheld will be invested in finding your dream home as you are. Unfortunately, choosing the right agent could be a daunting task, as there are thousands of realtors in New Jersey. The right individual is somebody who will guide you every step of the way to ensure you avoid common pitfalls and secure the best deals. To find a good agent, request referrals from friends and relatives. You should also consider other factors like experience, familiarity with the local market, communication style, and personality when determining if you can work with a certain agent.

Explore Homes for Sale in Livingston with Fern Felsenheld

Are you ready to make Livingston, NJ your new home? Fern Felsenheld, a top-rated Livingston real estate agent, is here to help you find your perfect property. With a proven track record of successfully closing transactions throughout her nearly 20 years in the real estate market, Felsenheld understands what to expect and can help you navigate it for a seamless experience. Get in touch with Fern Felsenheld today to begin your home search. 

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