Mahogany Hardwood Flooring – Pros and cons

In prehistoric occasions in South and Guatemala along with the Caribbean region, this type of wood was put on create canoes. Which means that mahogany wood is durable and efficient. It is not only acquainted with make motorboats but in addition to create instruments, doorways, and furniture. Hardwood flooring is really a the greater popular purposes of mahogany wood. It’s also famous for acquiring a extended existence. It possesses a reddish brown color that radiates warmth which is effective all sorts of of furniture. Getting this type of flooring supply you with home a vintage or rustic look.

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Pros of mahogany hardwood flooring

  • It’s harder than hardwoods for example pine or oak. For instance it’s roughly twenty-8 % more stable and seventy percent harder than oak. Mahogany hardwood flooring are resistant against scratches and water because of its hardness and offers no pockets or grooves
  • Quartered logs are widely-used to cut planks, which ensure their durability. Because how strong the mahogany hardwood flooring are, there’s less possibility of them bending due to the heat
  • The textures within the grain are uniformed, making beautiful patterns that are with just about all furniture.
  • Mahogany hardwood flooring won’t fade as quickly because sunlight is absorbed using the wood.
  • You will find minor color variations that fluctuate from brown to orange nonetheless probably the most constant tint may be the reddish brown one. Due this color range it enables for many mixtures of furniture and flooring.


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  • Due to the hardness of this type of flooring, it’s tough to shape, cut, or sand. This might affect the way a wood may be labored it is therefore suggested that for cutting and installing these flooring planks make use of an expert skilled such flooring.
  • The colors will get much deeper plus much more potent when uncovered to sunlight overtime. You need to choose mahogany hardwood floors this can be a light-color so rapidly it’ll turn much deeper.
  • The floors dark color may have pet hair, prints, dust, along with other debris so you will need to do the repair regularly having a mop or soft bristle boom.
  • It’s more pricey when looking for it to several hardwood floorings. Per footboard, it may be around thirty dollars but you’re getting to cover because of its rarity and sturdiness.
  • There are a number of trees which have “mahogany” in their name so these trees are viewed mahogany nevertheless they’re not going to function as same because the trees that are widely-used to make this type of durable flooring. Because they are less pricey, everyone is enticed to purchase them due to the inexpensive but they’re a fantasy mahogany hardwood flooring.


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