Professional Movers VS. Moving on Your Own 

Finding a new home or your dream workspace is no easy task to begin with, we know. However, imagine you’ve accomplished to find yourself the perfect space. Now comes the most hated part of shifting to a new place. THE MOVING!!!

Every 1 out 3 Aussies will admit that packing and moving is a stressful job. Gathering the mates, looking for the moving trucks, the back and forth trips, packing the fragile items- the list is endless, isn’t it? Now we know moving can be quite a gathering of friends, but just in case if you’re planning on doing the shift anytime soon, let us breakdown the basics for you and let you decide for yourself.

The Challenges 

Moving on your own comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

For instance, moving by yourself will keep your budget in check, we agree. But what happens if one of your mates drop out at the last minute? What if the moving truck you hired refuses to do multiple trips up and down? Think about all the packing and packaging you have to do on your own. On top of that, what happens if one of your expensive china collection has to meet an undesirable end? What happens if one of your mates get injured during the heavy liftings?

Shaking Hands with a Professional Removalist 

Removalists in Altona can professionally transform the stressful job of moving into a breeze. Here’s what happens when you get a professional removalist to do the legwork for you- 

  • You’ll get an all-inclusive cost breakdown and all your moving, packing, safety AND relocation nitty gritty will be taken care of. On the other hand, moving on your own comes with multiple miscellaneous expenses alongside the headache. 
  • You can get insurance on your antiques and fragile items. Most removalists from Melbourne offer an adequate damage insurance. This is especially crucial if you’re moving retails or commercial spaces that include a lot of heavy budget items. 
  • Once you get your hands on the right removalists, moving can be a pretty effortless job considering your reliable removalists will take care of the A-Z of moving. This includes providing you with packing materials, boxes, and other necessary supplies. Most removalist package plans include packing as well so you can just sit back and relax. 
  • You don’t have to succumb to hidden charges and loopholes with a well defined removalist in Melbourne. A transparent breakdown of the what-nots will be your bible. On top of that, many removalists offer tailored services to make your moving efficient and easy. On the other hand, a DIY moving project can very quickly turn into a nightmare with multiple areas requiring your supervision at all times.

If you’re all set to shift your household, commercial space, or retail- spending a few bucks to make the moving a memorable experience sure sounds worth it! So, taking everything into consideration, what would you rather pick when the big day comes? 



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