Quality is life, leading kitchen fashion with technology

Brands in the home furnishing industry have changed from contention among a hundred schools of thought to systematic competition, and with the rise of young consumers, industry hotspots such as “trendy”, “comfortable”, “safety” and “smart” have also raised new problems for enterprises. Brands not only have to face new demands from the outside world, but also guard against fierce competition among their peers.

china spc vinyl flooring: How does Lanmeco maintain its own product advantages and stay ahead in the highly competitive industry when the industry is struggling to develop?

This article takes you into the kitchen, “Different Sense of Life – Explore the Chengdu station of the series of kitchen life role models theme activities, dialogue with wholesale spc: Changzhou Carrigi, analyze the development strategy of home furnishing system in recent years, in-depth Explore the direction of industry expansion.

Open up new positioning and overcome brand development barriers

Longevity in the market with excellent quality, and popular among consumers with stylish service, Lanmeco flooring has never backed down in the face of many industry problems.

Since 2010 from the flooring industry and deep cultivation, Spc flooring factory: Changzhou Caregi is well aware of the difficulties of brand development under market changes. The reason why Lanmeco is able to survive in the market depends on its inherent healthy genes. Solve the user’s affairs as their own and eliminate uncontrollable factors. Lanmeco not only pursues product quality and craftsmanship, but also always puts customers’ ideas first.

Lanmeco uses “integration, change, innovation” as keywords to promote the implementation of a series of strategies. development channels.

Under the background of the rise of the new generation of consumers, the demand for the new generation of new flooring has increased exponentially, and consumers also pay great attention to the safety and health of environmentally friendly flooring, pursuing quality life. The global market is full of opportunities and challenges for home furnishing companies. On the one hand, there is still a large gap in the vast market, but on the other hand, brands must launch high-quality products in order to win the favor of consumers.

Differentiated development, multi-channel to meet consumer demand


In the context of consumption upgrades, the new retail model has begun to change, and the epidemic era has catalyzed this process. The cost of obtaining traffic offline is too high. In this case, accurate online data push becomes particularly important.

Lanmeco has a very open attitude towards the new retail model. It can not only accumulate global transactions and evaluations through digital operations, build brand influence, and gain brand satisfaction with professional and operational capabilities. It can also improve the online and offline conversion power and connect data and services.

As far as this year is concerned, Lanmeco focuses on home furnishing categories, and through the marketing of single products, it has deployed the entire global market and achieved sales growth.

Home furnishing is developing in the direction of kits, and then it will be biased towards high-end and layout designer channels. With the rise of young consumer groups, their pursuit of home furnishing is also the pursuit of beauty. A bigger and cleaner home environment is what they need. Designers, as the group with the longest interaction time with users and the highest credibility in all sales scenarios, play a very significant role in guiding consumers.

Change the core of technology and lead the fashion of home furnishing with quality


“Quality is the life of a brand.” Changzhou Carrigi said that before any product of Lanmeco goes on the market, it will go through half a year of real life experience, and it will be officially launched after the quality and effect of the product are confirmed. Healthy living is the current theme of the industry. The public pays more attention to functions such as safety and convenience. The innovative technology and aesthetic design of Lanmeco’s home furnishing products meet the needs of high-end users and provide strong support for users’ healthy home space.

As a brand that has been deeply involved in the global market for more than 30 years, whether it is brand concept or product technology, Lanmeco is at the forefront of the industry. It uses safe, intelligent, beautiful and healthy products to create an excellent user experience and meet users’ needs for a healthy life. demanding.

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