Rattan furniture: Why are they the best option to decorate?

With the arrival of winter, we want to spend more afternoon time in the garden of our house. Sit down to rest and enjoy the company of our family and friends under the Sun. how can we resist the idea of sipping the tea under the sun while enjoying the cool breeze? For this environment to reflect comfort, we must know how to decorate it.

It is not only about aesthetics. The characteristics of our Rattan Furniture make them the favorites of families who want to show off a dream garden. Its most valued attributes are that it has a UV Protection additive, which protects it from the sun’s rays, is highly resistant, practical, easy to clean, light in weight and has a natural and elegant appearance.

Rattan model furniture

The rattan model furniture has fine finishes that look as if they were natural rattan. In the manufacturing process, the component that provides UV protection is applied to them so that they can be more resistant to sun exposure, helping to maintain the natural color of the product.

To keep them clean and in good condition, only liquid soap or powdered detergent and water should be used. People who love to decorate know the importance of care, so it is recommended that rattan model furniture does not spend many hours exposed to the sun, if we want to extend its life even more.

The rattan furniture boom

The golden age of rattan furniture was the 60. This type of furniture could be seen in most terraces and gardens. At present, the vintage and eco-friendly trend caused rattan furniture to become fashionable again. We recommend that you accompany your rattan chair with the practical two-tier coffee table with tempered glass.

This complement combines very well with the aforementioned furniture set. Rattan also serves to decorate interiors. There is no reason not to be part of this trend that will make you enjoy spending more hours in your garden. The best thing about the rattan furniture is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Rattan has been modernized to stay

If we remember, or see photographs of exterior decoration from the 70, we will see that rattan was a widely used material at that time. However, it has been modernized to stay in homes by mixing with other designs. For example, it is common to see rattan armchairs with leather cushions. In fact, this new mix that has entered with rattan, allows you to make it go out of the ordinary, allowing it to adapt to different styles.

Advantages of rattan furniture

Beyond because they are visually attractive, there are other advantages of using rattan furniture, especially those made of synthetic rattan and here we tell you about them. Synthetic rattan is made of high-density polyethylene. This composition makes it possible to be a highly resistant product against different environmental factors. Synthetic rattan furniture is perfect for decorating houses on the beach as it has great resistance to salt water.  You can get furniture in different colors and shapes. Synthetic rattan is easy to clean and maintain.


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