Understanding Handrail Construction and Terminology

Handrails are the features many homes have plus the following sentences we’ll feel the terminology you have to learn to speak to your architect or interior designer. Handrails have three primary parts:

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The Handrail



The handrail may be the part your body keep. Handrails are available in many materials for example wood, metal, stone or even glass. There is a couple of primary rules you have to follow when designing the handrails for the home. First the hight for several residential applications isn’t any under 36 inches and a maximum of 37 inches high. I general I stick to 36 inches to the peak level for several residential projects. Second is that you simply need no under 1 1/2 ” of space relating to the handrail along with the wall so that your hands can easily pay it off without dealing with become caught backward and forward. Your design options for your handrail are endless combinations that may provide your home the feeling you’ll need.

Posts are what secure the handrail for that stairs. They are where the strength of the handrails derive from. Posts are available in many material kinds of. Most typical publish types are wood and metal but stone, glass along with other materials doubles. Typically you’ll need you so that you can handle no under 200 lbs of side pressure to help keep to building codes. Be cautioned you will find posts available which are decorative and don’t supply the minimum weight needs.

Dining and Living Room

Balusters are what fill the location relating to the handrail, posts along with the stairs. In addition they pass what they are referred to as of spindles and pickets according to the railing type and make use of. There are many styles and options according to the home style you need to create. Something choices wood, metal and glass of stair cases. Balusters typically run vertically while using the posts but modern designs you can keep them going horizontally plus many direction within the situation of architectural iron balusters. Just like a show you require the spacing within the balusters to obtain tight enough some 3/8 inch ball cannot have the spaces to make certain that somewhat child cannot slip through.

Hopefully these pointers have given a comprehension within the terminology your designer or contractor uses. At this point you determine what the different are named you need to easily communicate your opinions.


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