Upscale Living in Atlanta: Your Guide to Buckhead Real Estate

Buckhead charms residents and visitors with its upmarket atmosphere, rich history, and active culture. Buckhead GA homes for sale offer a variety of exquisite residences to suit residents’ sophisticated tastes. Buckhead’s architecture is both classic and modern, from majestic homes in lush vegetation to sleek condos with city views. The neighborhood’s rising property values have attracted discerning buyers and investors seeking Atlanta’s finest luxury living.

Activities to do in Buckhead

Visit Lenox Square Mall for shopping

Go to Psycho Bunny menswear or Tory Burch for a new handbag to update your wardrobe. Lenox Square Mall is for more than just shopping. The Peachtree Pint serves Georgian beers. Fair warning: Two or three will make you order Da Vinci’s Donuts’ exquisite delicacies.

Enjoy a beer at Southern Beer Tours Brewery

If you thought Atlantans create good food, wait till you try their beers. Southern Beer Tours offers three rounds of brewery tours in Buckhead, so bar hop. First, try SweetWater Brewing’s 420 Extra Pale Ale, then Blind Pirate or Lay Low IPA from Monday Night Brewing. The oldest brewery in the state, Atlanta Brewing Company, serves Hoplanta and the Soul of the City, which go well with Fox Brother location-B-Q you may order at either location.

Explore the past at the Atlanta History Center Museum.

The Atlanta History Center has unique exhibits that have influenced the nation and the city. Bobby Jones’ four Grand Slam trophies are beside Civil War artifacts like banjos and marching drums. The Atlanta ’96 exhibit features Olympic and Paralympic medals, equipment, and the torch, celebrating Atlanta’s hosting of this historic event.

Visit Buckhead Art & Company Gallery

ART is everywhere, and Buckhead Work & Company features emerging contemporary artists’ fine work. Though each piece is unique, they complement each other. Crystal Paris’s avant-garde wearable art contrasts with Carrie Penley’s neutral-colored nature collages. All gallery items are for sale, so you can buy a colorful Caryn Crawford or Elise Lyon textile.

Experience innovative Southern food at South City Kitchen

South City Kitchen will leave you drooling, so bring your appetite, bib, and manners. Collard greens and fried green tomatoes pair well with imaginative but easy meals like pan-fried chicken livers with caramelized onion sauce. You can expect Mississippi mud and banana pudding trifle for dessert.

Discover the cost of living in Buckhead

Buckhead’s housing costs are far greater than Atlanta’s. From grand mansions to high-rise condos, the neighborhood has exquisite houses at prices that match their distinction and amenities. Buckhead residents pay more for other utilities outside housing. Designer boutiques and luxury retailers in Buckhead’s Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza generally charge premium prices. Entertainment, including cultural events, nightlife places, and leisure, may cost more than in other Atlanta neighborhoods.

Buckhead residents value the quality of life and luxury amenities despite the greater cost of living. The neighborhood’s beautiful greenery, premium cuisine, and dynamic cultural attractions provide a luxurious lifestyle. Buckhead’s proximity to Atlanta’s major business districts and top schools makes it perfect for professionals and families seeking a high-end lifestyle. With proper budgeting and financial planning, residents get to enjoy all its amenities while enjoying the exclusivity and status of this expensive community.

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