What is a Structural Roof Plan?

 A structural roof plan is an important part of any building or renovation job. As the contractor gives insight into the approach to the work, they need detailed representations that show them exactly what needs to be done. With all relevant information, these plans can include drawings, angles, materials, and a range of guidelines to help the contractor understand the requirements. When all parties understand what needs to be achieved, the better the work. And the more insightful the approach and strategy, the better the understanding between all parties involved. Continue reading to find out more about these services, or contact us directly to understand the service offering that we can provide fully. 

Here at Pro-Bel, we prioritize efficiency and safety in everything we do, which is why our structural roof plans have been used in thousands of projects across the United States. Our systems keep your workers safe! 

Why Do You Need It?

This guiding selection of confirmation plays an integral role in the construction process. With clear, defined goals and guiding information, the contractor can better manage the work and ensure all elements are aligned with the plans. From structural points to angles of the roof, there are many applicable parts of information that need to be used, or the result will not match the intention. When you have clear and defined designs at the ready, you can ensure that contractors understand where the most important elements are within the roof and where they need to steer clear of. With many important parts and structural support elements involved, only the right parts need to be built or moved along the way. 

Roof Plans For Fall Protection. 

The construction industry is full of hazards and risks that many fail to see when they are focused on only one component of the build; however, these risks are ever present, whether you’re aware of them or not. This is why fall protection systems are essential in every job, especially when workers are required to work at heights. 

Protecting workers from hazardous falls is possible with the use of systems and equipment on the building and person. Fall protection components on roofs include guardrail systems, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems. 

Guardrails need to be installed around the perimeter of the roof on low and steep slope sites. In addition, safety nets can be used below a roof site to catch a worker in the event of a fall or halt their fall. Lastly, personal fall arrest systems are used to protect workers in walking-working environments, comprised of a harness and anchorage system. 

Other fall protection systems for steep-slope roofs include davits and warning line systems. It is essential for all fall protection systems to be checked regularly and before commencing construction work. 

Benefits of Insight

When you have this level of information available to contractors, you can be certain that you will get the home and rooftop that you want. With professionals ready to assist you, you can ensure that all designs reflect the exact results and materials intended for your work. In addition, experts can give you the insight you need to ideally contract or renovate your home into the space you love to inhabit. Contractors need these plans to get the job done right every step of the way, and with expert services, you can ensure every piece of information is ready and available. 

When you have a structural roof plan, you can provide your build with the needed insights and resources to get the job done right. As an integral piece of communication between architect and contractor on-site, it is a key part of ensuring the right steps are taken every step of the way. As a result, the job can be completed to perfection with ideal designs and the right materials available. 

A structural roof plan from Pro-Bel ensures your workers are protected and that the job is completed with the utmost precision and safety protocol. Contact us today to find out more about these services on offer. 



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