What is HVAC Maintenance?

There are a number of simple things you can do to keep your Charlotte HVAC system running as efficiently as possible. These include changing the furnace filter, checking refrigerant lines, and cleaning the system of debris. Additionally, you should schedule regular checkups to ensure that your heating and cooling system is working properly.

Inspecting and changing furnace filters

Inspecting and changing your furnace filter is an important part of HVAC maintenance. This task is usually very easy to do, though finding the filter is a little tricky. If you have a window unit, you will probably be able to remove the panel to see the filter. If it is dirty or too old, it should be changed. Also, make sure to have the right size filters.

A thorough inspection is best left to the professionals, but you can perform a few basic checks yourself. A dirty filter can result in a poor performance and safety issues.

Checking refrigerant lines

Regular HVAC maintenance includes checking the refrigerant lines. Leaky lines can cause the system to work harder and may even lead to the replacement of components. Leaks can occur on connector lines and drain lines. Leaky lines should be checked and repaired by an HVAC technician.

If a refrigerant leak is found, the pipe should be isolated and repaired. After repairing the leak, the piping should be depressurized to a 1,000-micron vacuum and allowed to stay under this pressure for a minimum of 30 minutes. This process is especially important for refrigerant lines that run through walls, as rubbing against solid objects can wear down copper and cause leaks. To avoid piping damage, refrigerant lines should be routed through sleeved openings or use commercial pipe clamping systems. In addition, many building codes specify minimum support spacing for pipes.

Cleaning the system of debris

When it comes to HVAC maintenance, cleaning the system of debris is an essential part of the process. Debris can cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently. Especially in the fall and winter, when temperatures drop, it’s important to clear debris from around the unit. It also helps to clear away grass and shrubs that are growing near it.

You should clean your outside unit at least every few months, and preferably weekly. You should clean the condenser coil and the fan, as well as the other parts further inside the system. While you’re cleaning, be sure to turn off the power, so you don’t damage anything. This way, you can see if there are any leaks that may have developed.

Performing an overall checkup of the system

Performing an overall checkup of the HVAC unit is an important aspect of home maintenance. This process involves checking the air handler, ductwork, vents, flues, burners, heat exchanger, and gas pressure. If any of these parts are damaged, you should contact a technician.

The HVAC inspector will conduct a series of tests to ensure proper operation of the system. He or she will also clean and lubricate the equipment. Having a checkup done regularly will help the unit run more smoothly and longer. The technician will not attempt any major repairs, but will suggest ways to maintain the unit to make it run at its best.

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