What is mold, and how to fight it?

Of the hundreds of thousands of mold species, only about a hundred are thought to cause disease in humans. In spite of the danger, mold can cause to human health. Some people are quite careless about this fungus. For example, they are happy to eat moldy cheese, or it happens that it is a pity to throw away jam covered with a layer of mold and eat it, just removing the top layer. Black or gray spots that appear on the ceiling cause only aesthetic concern, and an unpleasant musty smell suggests the need for extraordinary general cleaning. Alas, it’s not that easy to take care of mold because it’s much more dangerous than we might think and requires professional work of cleaning services like mold remediation services Alpharetta Georgia. For example, often, the cause of an unpleasant odor is mold fungi, which emits very dangerous toxic substances, so-called mycotoxins.

People did not take most of the microscopic fungi seriously for a long time. Everyone was well aware of only fungal diseases of the skin, which are caused by a certain type of fungus. But in 1865, Rudolf Virchow first described aspergillosis of the lung and called it pneumocystosis, the cause of which was mold. In recent decades, a whole group of diseases caused by mold fungi has emerged in medicine. They are united by the common name “sick building syndrome,” which affects people who have been living in “unfavorable” premises affected by mold for a long time. That’s why it’s very important to use the services of specialized companies like mold remediation services Alpharetta Georgia to eliminate mold as soon as possible.

Mold can be of different colors – gray, black, blue, red. It depends on the type of mold. Yellow mold is considered the most poisonous today. Suffice it to say that the reason for the death of people who opened the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs was precisely the yellow mold, or rather the strongest toxin produced by it, the so-called aflatoxin. Seeds and products stored in damp warehouses are especially quickly infected with this mold. If the product is damp and wet, it will certainly be affected by mold.

Being in favorable conditions, in damp and poorly ventilated rooms, spores of mold germinate and form entire colonies of fungi. They, in turn, give billions of new spores, and soon the process can already be compared to an avalanche. A favorite habitat for mold is damp basements, damp walls of houses, heating and cooling systems, air conditioners, dishwashers, trash cans, bookcases, bathrooms, flower pots, etc.

Dampness in the room appears for various reasons, for example, with insufficient waterproofing or its complete absence. In addition, insufficient ventilation, roof leaks, poor sealing of panel joints, violations of building technologies, including a reduction in the stipulated drying time for materials, can also cause high humidity in the house. As a result, part of the moisture remains inside the walls.

Hermetic plastic windows serve as a barrier to normal ventilation if they are not equipped with supply valves that ensure the flow of air into the room.

Conducted studies confirm that the effect of any method of surface treatment against mold is temporary. It is necessary, first of all, to eliminate the causes of the appearance of mold fungi with the help of mold remediation services Alpharetta Georgia and not to create favorable conditions for their development.

To prevent the development of mold in the premises, it is important to control the humidity of the air. If the humidity exceeds 50%, the air must be dried using electrical appliances. If it is below 30%, with various types of humidifiers.

To destroy mold fungi that have already appeared on surfaces, it is recommended to use a number of disinfectants with fungicidal (antifungal) properties, which are also used by mold remediation services Alpharetta Georgia. 

Washcloths, sponges, various cleaning rags should be stored only why they are dry.

And one more piece of advice. If you want to carry out construction and repair work professionally, do it with the help of professional services like mold remediation services Alpharetta Georgia, which will do everything fast and efficiently.

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