It is hard enough to manage a property without running out of money six months into the fiscal year. Property managers must budget well in the beginning to ensure that repairs and upgrades are done on time. It is the difference between happy tenants or tenants complaining to the property manager about water spots on the ceiling or parking lots that aren’t lit at night. Poor planning can lead to poor budgeting. These three tips will help you plan for contingencies and get ahead of your annual budget.

Budgeting Tip 1 – Gather your Financial Information Early

To set a budget for the properties you manage, you will need this information. These documents include:

Current Occupancy

Current Rent

Information about the Salary of Tenants

TTM (Trailing Twelve Month) Financial Reports

Vendor Contracts

This information should be collected as soon as possible, and organized well. Also, ensure that other members of your budgeting group have access to this information.

Budgeting Tip #2: Tenant input

Your property tenants can be considered VIPs when it comes to your job. Listening to your tenants is important when they have suggestions and solutions to property problems. Keep track of the improvements that tenants request throughout the year and rank them according to their importance. Replacing a leaky roof should be prioritized over repaving your parking lot. You should include the cost of essential repairs in your annual budget.

Budgeting Tip #3: Let your Property Management Budgeting Software do the heavy lifting

Software makes everything easier, especially when it comes to creating annual budgets for properties that you manage. Software that includes an accounting feature should be used. This feature will keep track of the income and expenditures for the entire year. Property management software can track nearby comps so that you know when it is time to adjust rental prices for new tenants. It is important to determine the value of your properties and set rent prices accordingly. This will allow you to have more money for next year’s budget.

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