Cleaning up an Abandoned and Messy Home: Disaster Clean-up is What You need 

What happens when you leave a home and do not return for years? It gets abandoned, unclean, and messy. Even if you give the house on rent, there’s a chance the home will not be ship-shape once the tenants leave. Why? Your home is sacred to you, not to everybody else.

Most tenants cause a ruckus, so you might not find the kitchen, basement, storeroom, balcony, and living room in a clean condition. 

An abandoned home is messier – nobody lives in it for years and there may be cobwebs, broken stairs, and mold formation too. 

There is a possibility that the home got in a worse condition after a storm or any other disaster. The moral of the story is that you need disaster clean-up. Whether it’s an abandoned home or tenants lived in it for months, you would need a serious and deep clean-up. 

Read on to find out how you can go about it. 

What could go wrong with an abandoned home? 

An abandoned home is a space where people haven’t lived for several years. It was left for years and there was no maintenance while the homeowners were gone. The home has been locked and nobody has any clue what is inside. 

An abandoned home will have cobwebs, mold buildup, contamination, damaged walls and stairs, and pest infestation. When pests see a dingy, dark, and cold house, they find it enticing and make a home in the kitchen and other spaces. 

Mold build-up is serious – if you are planning to move into the home, don’t go without a mold clean-up. The abandoned home needs a deep cleaning, so don’t move in without it. 

If the home has been cold, damp, and there was leakage, mold formation is quite possible. You can’t be cleaning or removing it on your own. 

A vacant or abandoned home might have some foul smell and broken windows too. You need to call Multisinistres Decontamination – they will take care of everything. They specialize in disaster clean-up. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Tenants don’t leave the home sparkling clean, so inspect the home, look for damages, and get the place cleaned before another family moves in. Perhaps you wish to sell the place, and that’s exactly why you need to get the home inspected and go for asbestos decontamination as well. 

An old and abandoned home has many unseen problems, so don’t take risks. Get it deep-cleaned and make sure you get all the molds removed. 


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