Dreamy nights- Exploring the latest trends in mattress design


The mattress industry tremendous innovation and change over the past decade. With new materials, manufacturing techniques, and designs being introduced, there are more options than shopping for a new mattress.  From memory foam to hybrid mattresses that combine multiple materials, today’s mattresses aim to provide improved comfort, support, and durability compared to older, traditional innerspring mattresses. Companies are also focusing on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and production methods to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Read on to learn more about what’s new in mattress tech!

New types of memory foam

Memory foam has continued to evolve with new formulations aimed at improving its performance and feel:

  • Open-cell memory foam is an open porous structure that allows for better airflow and breathability. This helps regulate temperature better than traditional, closed-cell memory foam.
  • Gel memory foam has cooling gels infused into the foam to help draw heat away from the body. This prevents overheating, making gel foam mattresses ideal for hot sleepers. 
  • Copper-infused memory foam integrates copper particles, known for their cooling properties, for increased temperature regulation. Copper is also antimicrobial, which helps reduce odors.
  • Plant-based memory foam substitutes some petroleum-based ingredients with plant-derived materials like soy, aloe Vera, or tea tree oil. This gives it a more eco-friendly profile.

Adjustable air mattresses 

Electronically adjustable air mattresses allow users to customize the firmness and support levels on each side of the bed. This makes them ideal for couples with different comfort preferences. Adjustable air beds use internal air chambers that are inflated or deflated with the push of a button on a remote control. Many also have adjustable bases that let you elevate the head and feet to customize your sleeping position. While adjustable air mattresses used to be bulky and noisy, newer models have a sleek, low-profile design. Advancements in pump and motor technology allow for whisper-quiet operation as you fine-tune your desired settings. Take advantage of our special offers this presidents day mattress sales and experience the ultimate in sleep comfort at a fraction of the price.

Natural and organic materials

Eco-conscious shoppers will be happy to know there are plenty of mattress options made with natural, responsibly sourced materials. These appeal to those looking to avoid petroleum-based foams and reduce their carbon footprint.

  1. Natural latex from rubber trees
  2. Organic cotton, wool, and other fabrics
  3. Materials like coconut husks, flaxseed, and hemp
  4. Recycled steel springs and foams
  5. Water-based adhesives instead of harsh chemicals

Many mattress manufacturers also have environmental certifications to verify their green practices across production and supply chains. Do your researches to find organic and sustainably made mattresses that match your needs and ethics?

High-tech mattress materials

On the cutting edge of mattress tech, companies are developing new smart materials to enhance sleeping experiences:

  • Phase change materials contain microcapsules that respond to body heat by absorbing and releasing energy. It regulates temperature to keep your sleep surface cool and comfortable. 
  • Conductive fibers woven into fabrics track biometric data like respiration, heart rate, and sleep stages. It allows your mattress to make micro-adjustments and customize support.
  • Responsive gels and foams morph and reform in reaction to pressure points and positions. They self-adjust to cradle delicate areas like the shoulders and hips.

While still in developmental stages, these futuristic mattress materials could be game-changing. 



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