Get Marble-Looking Porcelain Slabs to Deck Up Your Home 

Marble is such a good-looking material, isn’t it? It is very expensive too. When you go for marble tiles, you have to maintain them too. Not everyone can afford it, especially the maintenance bit. 

If wishes were horses, you would get marble flooring and walls in all parts of your home. But it isn’t the most practical material for your home. Yes, the Taj Mahal looks surreal as it is made of marble, but it is not a practical choice for your flooring or walls. 

What if we tell you that there’s a material that looks like marble? Porcelain slabs are getting popular everywhere – it is good-looking and cost-effective. 

Here’s a quick post that sheds light on the qualities of porcelain. It’s getting popular, so you might want to take a look at the different reasons for choosing this material. 

What’s porcelain, anyway? 

Porcelain is a very hard material. It’s a type of ceramic but is harder and much more durable as compared to regular ceramic. 

Porcelain can look like any material of your choice – it is quite versatile. Most homebuyers and builders opt for it because it is allergen-free, hard, and easy to maintain. You can’t be saying the same thing about marble. 

Porcelain Looks Like Premium Marble 

Porcelain looks like a very pricey and premium marble. If you are thinking of investing in natural marble, it will be super expensive and hard to maintain. 

It looks attractive but does not solve the purpose for most people. Bakers can have a good time with a marble countertop, but for floors and walls, it is best to choose a marble look-alike. 

Porcelain looks like a very pricey marble, so you can go for it. It does not cost as much as marble, but the material looks regal and expensive. 

Porcelain can handle heavy foot traffic 

Marble is a natural stone, so heavy foot traffic isn’t recommended. However, porcelain gives the marble look but it can also handle heavy foot traffic. 

When you choose porcelain, you are saying YES to durability. It lasts long and stays strong for years to come! 

A sealant may help in protecting your marble for a few years, but it can chip and scratch easily. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Don’t go to an amateur tile supplier in your area. Consider getting in touch with Club Ceramic Tiles. They have a premium variety of porcelain wall and floor tiles. You will be confused because they have a wide variety of marble-looking porcelain tiles. 

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