Homeowners Guide Explaining Siding Replacement Terminologies

If you expect a siding replacement project to enhance your curb appeal or your current one is compromised, things can overwhelm you. Navigating the contractors and materials world is a challenge. 

When you discuss the project with a contractor like the Alpine Siding Pros, the most reliable siding replacement Bellingham WA service provider, you will understand the best solutions for your project. They are experts, but you are unfamiliar with their system. You can ask them, and they will keenly answer your questions. 

Nevertheless, it is sensible to gain knowledge and be prepared to communicate clearly with the siding contractor and make a confident decision. Here is a vocabulary of siding replacement categorized for easy understanding.

House framework

  • Fascia – It is the attractive Board you see under your roof’s overhang.
  • Soffit – The underside of your roof overhand is often vented for proper airflow.
  • Gables – The triangular sections of the exterior wall at the peak of your roof.
  • Flashing – The thin sheet of metal or plastic installed at critical points around the chimney or windows to prevent water infiltration.

Siding materials & styles

  • Lap siding or clapboard – These horizontal planks overlap a little.
  • Vertical siding – Panels that run vertically to give your home a sleek and modern look.
  • Board & batten – These are vertical planks with thin battens covering the seams for a rustic charm.
  • Shingle siding – Small rectangular pieces imitating the look of traditional wooden shingles.
  • Shaking siding – Similar to shingles but with a more textured and rough surface. 

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Siding installation terms

  • Exposure – The visible width of a siding plank.
  • Lap – The overlapping part of a siding panel.
  • Tongue & groove – An interlocking system where panels fit together and give a seamless and secure look.
  • Starter strip – The first course of siding installed at the bottom provides a level base for the subsequent panels.
  • Buttlock – The lower edge of the siding panel that interlocks with the panel below.
  • Miter joint – An accurate 90-degree angle created by cutting two pieces of siding or trim.

Underneath the siding

  • Housewrap – A water-resistant barrier installed behind the siding to protect your home from moisture. 
  • Backerboard – A rigid material like cement or plywood board is attached to the sheathing for extra support and a smooth surface for siding installation.

Maintenance & Functionality

  • Weep holes – small openings in the siding or the flashing that allows the trapped moisture to escape, thus preventing mould growth and rotting.
  • Gauge – The thickness of the siding material impacts durability and price.
  • Caulking – A flexible sealant to fill gaps and prevent water infiltration.
  • Blind nailing vs. face nailing – The former conceals fasteners for a clean look, while the latter exposes them for a quick installation.

Project scope and considerations

  • Tear off vs. overlay – The former involves removing the existing siding before installing new panels. The latter means installing new siding over the existing ones.
  • Soffit & fascia replacement – Decide if you want to replace these components alongside the siding for a complete exterior refresh.
  • Trim – Discuss door and window trim material and style preferences.
  • Insulation – Consider adding Insulation during the project to enhance energy efficiency.

The contractor will give a quote with details about the cost, timeline, and warranty. Now you are familiar with the terminology siding contractor use during discussion. It will empower you to confidently communicate with the professionals about your siding replacement project. 



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