How Do Solar Panel Warranties Work?


An efficient and well-designed solar system can reduce your energy costs for many decades. However, this energy production is heavily dependent on the equipment’s performance. Equipment failure or degradation can severely impact the financial returns.

The solar panels are, undoubtedly, the most important component of the system. Red Solar only uses Tier 1 Solar Panels. This classification is for legitimate, proven, and reliable manufacturers.

We install many of the following PV modules: Canadian Solar and Jinko. New models are constantly being added to the solar panel market. Our offerings are subject to change frequently.

Your solar panels will likely be the most costly component of your system. You can protect your investment by obtaining a warranty on modules. This will help to reduce your financial risk. Warranty is an important consideration when purchasing equipment. Let’s find out how warranties for solar panels work.

Solar Panel Performance Guarantees

Even the most efficient panels can produce less electricity over time due to product degradation. All panels lose their effectiveness over time, but the rate of degradation varies depending on the model. Performance guarantees guarantee that PV panels will produce a certain percentage after a set number of years. Many manufacturers offer 90 percent guarantee for production after ten years, and 80 percent after twenty-five years.

PV Product Warranty

Many solar panel manufacturers offer protection against premature wear and tear and defective equipment. Most PV panels have a 10- or 12-year equipment guarantee on the panel’s integrity. Customers are protected for longer periods of time with longer warranties, which is why they are more advantageous.


We recommend that you have adequate insurance for your solar system to protect your investment in renewable energy. Solar arrays are considered permanent attachments to your roof by most homeowners insurance policies.

To ensure that your policy is valid, we recommend speaking with your agent. You should also ensure that your policy covers the entire value of the system.

Solar Company Warranties

Most solar installers offer labor warranties that accompany their installations. Remember that the panels are covered by warranty and power performance guarantees, but not the labor required to replace them.

Red Solar has a ten year labor warranty that sets us apart from our competitors. We stand behind the work we do!

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This post was written by a professional at Red Solar. Red Solar was started with the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We want everyone to travel through this transition. We can all agree that solar is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s not the only way. During a Red Solar energy evaluation, all energy commons in your home will be analyzed for results. Our expert technicians will guide you through the process for better understanding and reassurance. Looking for the best solar panel installation St Lucie County? Then contact us for more information today!



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