How to Clean Blinds:

Window smart blinds are fantastic at keeping a room cool, blocking off light, and providing privacy from nosy neighbours, but they are also fantastic at collecting dust, pet hair, and other filth.

It is true that blinds require proper care, just as you clean your windows on a regular basis, but the methods for cleaning blinds differ. They can be made of vinyl, wood, texturing, or metal.

Figure out how to clean blinds quickly and effectively, and include this fundamental method into your regular cleaning routine.

Gather your resources.

  • Vacuum cleaner with delicate brush connection
  • Microfiber materials
  • Dishwashing fluid
  • Warm water
  • Baking soda

Begin by thoroughly closing the blinds. Wood and imitation wood blinds can be completely closed, however the supports of vinyl and aluminium blinds, which are frequently covered, should be tilted downward but not completely closed.

Vertical blind cleaning procedure

  • To balance vertical blinds, grip the base of the blind in one hand.
  • Wipe them with a microfiber cloth, beginning from the top and working your way down.
  • Wipe in a descending motion otherwise they may become loose.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft cleaning brush attachment and a low suction setting to eliminate dust.

  • The technique for even blinds is the same, but you wipe from side to side.
  • Work from the top support to the bottom brace to prevent dust from falling on areas you’ve recently cleaned.
  • Replace the blinds and repeat the operation with your microfiber cloth or vacuum.
  • If cleaning your blinds with a damp cloth isn’t enough, use a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water.
  • If you have wooden blinds, take care not to get them too damp.

Method for cleaning vinyl or aluminium blinds

If your vinyl or aluminium blinds are in the kitchen and are exposed to oil, grease, other tough residue, they may need to be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Remove the blinds from the window and soak them in warm water with a few hefty squirts of dish detergent and baking soda.
  • Allow the blinds to splash for approximately an hour before washing with warm water.
  • Polish them off by constantly clearing away any excess soil or debris.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are a few more cleaning recommendations for your window blinds.

Regularly clean your blinds.

If you clean your blinds once a month, the residue will never become unbearable. Blinds that are heavily dealt with should last for a long period.

There is no need to be concerned if you do not have microfiber material.

The materials are exceptional; nonetheless, an old and clean sock would operate similarly. Put the sock over your hand, dip it in water, and you’ll be able to clean all of your window treatments.

I hope this tutorial will assist you in cleaning the blinds easily and making it a long-term investment.


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