Moving to Southern California: A Look at Desert Modernism and Why It Is Coachella Valley’s Favorite Interior Design Style

Desert Modernism is a Mid-Century Modern style characterised by open spaces and sleek lines with a keen Desert lilt. True to its name, it is prominent in the desert areas of the country, particularly the arid oasis of Palm Springs. If you wish to move to California and are looking at homes for sale in Coachella Valley, this is an interior décor style you will want to become familiar with. Here is everything you should know about its history, look, and features.  

Origin of Desert Modernism

Palm Springs is a popular vacation destination, and Coachella Valley real estate experts C Muldoon Luxury Group will attest that many homebuyers move here for the year-round warmth, clear skies, sunshine, and unspoiled natural beauty. Over the years, this reputation has nudged the town toward a relaxed, informal feel that is prominent everywhere, including in the architecture.

Desert Modernism was born of wanting to combine laid-back natural beauty with functionality. The characteristic large windows, for instance, let in tons of natural light while showing off the breathtaking Coachella Valley. The large overhangs protect you from the intense heat while adding drama to your home. You can think of the style as a localised Mid-Century Modern offshoot.

Architects and Designers

One of the first Desert Modern style homes was built in Coachella Valley in 1946 by famed architect Richard Neutra. Known as the Kaufmann House, this classic home features a distinctive low and long profile that emphasises the hilly backdrop and natural light with floor-to-ceiling walls and windows. Other architects who have used this style extensively include William Krisel, who has designed well over 2,500 homes in the area, and Albert Frey, who built Frey House II in 1964.

The Desert Modernism Look

The Desert Modern look is one of natural beauty. Homes built in this style are intended to emphasise and reflect the surrounding landscape, a feat they accomplish through expansive windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Desert Modern homes are also often low and sleek, so they blend in with the scenery, with the interior made open and airy to mimic the desert climate. 

Prominent materials in Desert Modern homes are stone, wood, and other natural elements that create cohesion with the outdoors. To blend in with the neutral landscape, homes are often tan, light grey, or white, with most of the colour coming from indoors. 

Like the outdoors, the indoors are also laid-back, and the running rule is “less is more.” You can expect a lot of natural textures and white-washed walls. The décor borrows from Southwestern design, and standard features inside a Desert Modern home include Kilim rugs, Danish Modern furniture, rustic classics like the Eames Lounge chair, and many leather accents.

Explore Coachella Valley Homes for Sale with Cathy Muldoon

Desert Modernism is exciting, but it is only one aspect of life in Coachella Valley. If you want to move closer to the joys of Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley real estate market is a prime place to begin your search. Contact the C Muldoon Luxury Group to discuss your housing needs with an expert.

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