Roofing Contractors: 7 Questions You Should Ask

It can be challenging to choose a roofing contractor. As well as a damaged roof, you may also need a roofing contractor who is affordable while doing a good job, so you need to weed through a bunch of available contractors in your area. If you’re a new homeowner or have never hired a contractor before, it’s understandable that you don’t know what makes a good roofing contractor.

Before your contract is signed, you should ask Gerrards cross roofer contractors these seven critical questions.

  • Is Your Business Licensed Under The Roofing Contractors Act?

Roofing contractors are usually required to obtain a license in the area where they plan on working; however, codes and requirements vary from state to state, meaning that understanding the local code requirements is essential. It will also provide you with legal recourse if something goes wrong with the project, as you will know if the roofer is licensed and whether their current license.

  • Are You Working With Subcontractors On Your Roof?

In some cases, roofing work is outsourced to subcontractors. If the contractor does not pay the subcontractors, you may also need lien waivers.

  • How About The Removal Of My Old Roof?

An old roof can be inspected visually by a roofer before deciding on shingle over it. The visual inspection of your roof will not identify many difficulties, such as soft spots, which, if they persist, will only worsen your roof’s condition. To ensure that any problems have been identified and corrected, it is always good to remove the old top before putting on a new one.

  • Will You Put In Drip Edges And Edge Metal When Installing My New Roof?

In some instances, you may see drip edges and edge metals under your shingles, where they extend from the roof. Some roofers may not think to install this unless you ask, so make sure you ask before hiring a roofing contractor. This allows runoff to enter the gutters rather than collect behind them, protecting your wood and fascia.

  • Which Ladder Stabilizers Will You Use During The Roof Installation?

Choosing a new roof can be stressful, but it’s essential to consider how the roofers will access your roof. While your roof is being replaced, standoffs and stabilizers will protect your gutters from excess weight. If they don’t, make sure you ask how they plan to protect your gutters if they don’t use ladder stabilizers or standoffs.

  • What Is The Warranty For Investing In A Roof?

Compared to older shingles, new ones are cheaper, but they last longer as well. The warranty of a new roof should last at least 25 years, and anything less than 25 years should be questioned. At a minimum, one should expect to get at least 25 years out of new shingles (minimum).

  • Is There A Written Estimate Available?

The homeowner’s best friend is a detailed written estimate. It would help if you had an exact estimate for the work before you sign anything with a kent roofing company. You should know what it will cost to remove your old roof, replace it with the new one, and what material will be used. You should not be surprised by unexpected charges at the end of the process.


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