Hire a change today: what precautions should be taken?

Hiring a move to your new home represents a moment of happiness. Often, the realization of a dream can end up turning into a nightmare. Unfortunately, when closing a contract, some companies promise unrealistic benefits that only appear on moving day. When hiring a moving service, you must first decide which type you need. Do you only need to transport your already packed belongings? Alternatively, are you looking for a more complete service? In all cases, you need to ask for conveyancing quotes from several companies and choose the one that offers the best cost-benefit ratio.

Companies specializing in removals

Companies specializing in removals offer a wider range of services. The services provided range from a simple carriage to all the storage and packing of belongings. When opting for the full service, a team is sent to the place to pack your belongings in a sectored manner to facilitate putting everything in place in your new home. They assemble and disassemble furniture, and load, unload and install appliances and other utensils.

Such companies have the necessary materials to pack belongings safely, as required by their insurance companies – bubble paper, resistant cardboard boxes, construct paper, etc. Each type of service offered by these companies has its contract that you will need to analyze. Each contracted service influences the total amount to be paid, so check if the services provided are also in accordance with the amount paid.

Before and during contracting the change

Get all the necessary information about the company you want to hire. Check for complaints on sites. If you have access, the best way to get information about a company is to talk to other customers and visit the company. Great care is taken just before signing a contract. Once you have chosen the type of service you need, your role becomes fiscal. You must pay attention to everything that is being done to make sure that the terms of the contract are being met and to ensure the safety of your belongings. Check the service agreement and negotiate its suitability with the company before signing any document. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the entire process of separating and packaging your objects.

Another important precaution is related to the state of objects before being packed. Most complaints against transport companies refer to damage to transported objects and their respective compensation. Specialized companies have insurance for their transport, but even so, it is necessary to register the status of each object so that the insurance is activated and you are reimbursed immediately. However, insurance is not mandatory and may be waived by the contractor.


It is important to keep in mind that the company’s obligation is to deliver all goods in the same condition. Therefore, your supervision at the time of the move is essential. Remember to require an invoice for the service. An important tip is not to leave valuables, important documents and other delicate objects under the responsibility of any moving company, even if the recommendations are excellent. The transport of the change is usually done by a carriage. When hiring a truck, it is necessary to establish the services that will be provided.


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