Top 5 Family-Friendly Fun Things To Do In Lehi, Utah

It is unsurprising that so many visitors return to Lehi time and time again. This lovely city is brimming with fun things to do. Whether you enjoy taking in the local sights or trying more daring activities, you will not have a dull moment here. If you are ready to experience the best of Lehi, read on as this post outlines the 5 best family-friendly fun activities to enjoy when living or touring this community. 

  1. Tour the Hutchings Museum

There are several fascinating museums in Lehi, but this one is a hidden gem. Lehi was largely a farm town and was a part of the wild, wild west long before it became a tech hub.

Artifacts at the John Hutchings Museum educate about a wide range of topics, including pioneers, agriculture, bison, birds, and the Mormon battalion. Kids can also explore the outdoor pioneer cabin, and pirate room, as well as dig up fossils.

  1. Play and Relax in Lehi’s Parks

Lehi boasts many beautiful parks and green spaces, including a blend of modern and traditional playgrounds, splash pads, and pickleball courts. Some of the best parks to visit include Dry Creek Park, Margaret Wines Park, Sunrise Summit Park, and more. If you want somewhere to cool off in the summer with your family, these are great destinations.

  1. Go Back in Time at the Museum of Ancient Life

The Museum of Ancient Life is one of the many kid-friendly activities in Lehi that really captures children’s attention. With an enormous collection of life-sized dinosaur reconstructions, and fossils, these exhibitions bring the ancient past to life.

Children especially like playing in the sand and exploring the interactive displays. Additionally, there is an IMAX theater where you can enjoy some incredibly educational and interesting documentaries.

  1. Visit Thanksgiving Point’s Ashton Gardens

Ashton Gardens is a gorgeous botanical garden within the larger Thanksgiving Point complex. Its well-kept gardens, lush greenery, and fascinating floral displays make it a popular tourist and local attraction.

This enormous botanical garden is stunning at any time of year, including winter! Whether you are a nature lover, a photographer, or simply looking for a peaceful vacation, Lehi UT real estate agent Paige Steckling assures you that a trip to Ashton Gardens promises to be a wonderful experience.

  1. Take a Ride Along the Jordan River Trail and Murdoch Canal Trail

Lehi is popular for having a vast and well-designed trail network. The two main routes are the Jordan River Trail and Murdoch Canal Trail. The Jordan River path travels west towards Utah Lake and Bluffdale, whereas the Murdoch Canal Trail runs from east Lehi to Provo Canyon.

You can ride, run, or bike on these trails while enjoying the beautiful sunset. The Murdoch Canal Trail provides expansive views of Utah Valley, Mount Timpanogos, and Utah Lake. Similarly, the Jordan River Trail features entertaining parks, and a picturesque view of the Thanksgiving Point Golf Course.

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